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"Is it Gold?" is an AI-based application that provides information about an object based on photos. This app uses not only optical parameters to assess authenticity, gold content, alloy, gilding, or the use of other gold-colored metals and substances, but—what sets this AI application apart from traditional measuring methods—it also delivers contextual information derived from typical uses and the vast knowledge of the AI.


Using "Is it Gold?" is akin to reaching out to an expert—be it a goldsmith, a prospector, a historian, or an engineer—requesting information about what the item is and its approximate value.

Few things are worse than being unprepared when presenting an unknown material to a buyer. Information equates to real money here. Knowing exactly what you have allows you to find further information more quickly and securely. The price you'll be able to command for your goods will be higher.

All you need is a photo. Whether taken by yourself or from an auction platform or flea market—"Is it Gold?" assists and advises you in the purchase, sale, or negotiation of prices by providing comprehensive contextual information.


Search your Google Play Store or Apple iOS App Store for "Is it Gold?" or visit our website for more information:

Is it Gold? App for Android und iOS

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